Brain plasticity.

Dyslexia can be helped and learning improved.
Brain Wiring:

Brain Plasticity iswhen your brain is always trying to rewire itself. This is why Dyslexia can be helped and learning improved. Rewiring is done to block memories or perhaps improve memories, sometimes, to recall and sometimes to repair gaps in the brain. When the brain is damaged after trauma or a stroke, new pathways need to be created. Often, simple things, such as walking or talking need to be re-learned, so, the brain creates a new pathway. The brain if needed will rewire itself. This pliable quality is why it’s called Brain Plasticity.

Ever Changing:

The brain is ever changing and ever learning. Practice and repetition reinforce these pathways within the brain. When a channel in the brain becomes blocked, it will look for another pathway. If needed it creates a new channel or pathway. Sometimes, these pathways will be to conduct, store or recall information. (see more Journal of Neuroscience)


Walking everyday in the same direction would create a solid pathway. This pathway becomes less populated with other things and makes it easier for you to walk that same path again tomorrow and again the next day.
Repetition and practice will always make a difference. By making a well worn area by doing something over and over and over it leaves a solid pathway. Nothing else is likely to grow on this path. It is just like the corridors of a library with books at the ready all the way down every corridor. If you can’t reach the book you want from one direction, you can walk to the next corridor to get the book.

Natural Process:

Brain plasticity is the elastic ability of the brain to change, adapt and use what it has available to accomplish it’s task. So armed with the right equipment the brain can find another way when required.
Our New Brain Learning program uses alternative, drugless techniques to improve the pathways within the brain. Dyslexia can be helped and learning improved by building new connections.

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