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Are physical symptoms separate from mental stress?:

Dyslexia and emotionsDyslexia can be helped and learning improved. Dyslexia creates other emotional issues. I was working with a 7 year old child recently who, since returning to school has become angry, in turn she was frustrated and exhausted. When asked, She did NOT know the reason for being so angry.
Her mother had rung regarding a rash which she had developed. I suggested it was liver related which in turn meant it was anger related. Her Mother agreed, once I explained the two are closely related. The the mother explained her daughter had been very weary and because of this her mother thought it was because she did not want to go back to school. We made appointment for a video consult.

The Consult:

To begin, we did some basic work on this child client. Then to take away the base anger, we did some release work. After that, I asked for the first thought that comes to her regarding her anger. She said it was silly and impossible! I told her, no matter how small, I just wanted to know.

I encouraged this junior client to give her answer as nothing is ever too small to deal with on the way to the big picture.

Emotional connection:

Finally the answer was forthcoming, her thought was regarding a game she and her friends play at school. Apparently, although she enjoyed the game, she resented her position in the game. To begin with, my young client was right, it was a trivial thing. None the less, we worked on this “impossible” simple issue! Because Dyslexia can be helped and learning improved. (Always, eliminate the easy stuff firstly, just to get it out of the way. so we could move on to the big picture.) The next thing was also related to her friends this game. Hence, we worked on that also, to get it out of the way as well.

I asked her again about her thoughts about her anger and waited for a response.
A big smile grew on her face. I asked her again about her thoughts. She said “I haven’t got any”. She got up and went off to play. Her mother and I were amazed.


Never discount children’s feelings about anything. Their emotions are real and can cause life long issues if not resolved. I have worked with adults, that have had major issues related to small things in their childhood. Then once these incidents were tracked down and released, the clients lives changed for the better. But those stories are for another time.

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